About us

francescaMy name is Francesca.  I have studied at the University of Rome and have a degree in Foreign Languages. I'm fluent in: English, French and Spanish and understand some German since it’s the spoken language of my daughters who go to the German school of Rome. I have studied and lived abroad and have always loved travelling since I was a child and my granny (who herself spoke 3 languages) used to take me around Europe. She communicated her love for languages and travels to me. I love art and especially painting. I’ve been in tourism for 13 years now and like to make visitors feel at home in my beautiful city, enjoy its culture and make the most of what Rome can offer.


Our team

stefaniaMy name is Stefania. I'm married and I have two daughters who attend the German school in Rome. I have always loved to study foreign languages and get in touch with people from foreign countries. I have a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures and a diploma as a translator. I started working as a tour guide and tour leader for groups about 10 years ago and that's how I discovered my beautiful city. Hence my passion for its history, its art and its archeology. I’m qualified and have been working as guide in German and in English for five years now. I’m enthusiast about it! I collaborate with Roman Experience as a guide.

fotogabyMy name is Gabriella, I'm married and  have two children. I've always lived in Rome, a city  I love and know deeply. My interests range from music to design, but I have a real passion for the history of art, where I graduated in 1995. For years I have been engaged in the protection of the heritage of my city working with the Italian Environmental Fund and performing divulging activities through a number of initiatives aimed particularly at children. I collaborate with Roman Experience in organizing events for families with children. I love to tell children the history and culture of our city  also through small creative workshops. 

mauriziofotoMy name is Maurizio and I am an architect. I  was born in Rome, a city I love and know even the little "secrets" and historical “curiosities” of. Besides architecture I am very fond of history. I collaborate with Roman Experience accompanying tourists for long, beautiful walks during which I like to communicate my knowledge and my historical interests.




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