Guided tours

Hereinafter a selection of tours. All our itineraries can be personalized according to your interests and needs.

Classical tours

Ancient RomeTours

Coliseum, Forum Romano, Imperial Forum and, optionally, one or more than one place  among the Palatin, the Capitol, Capitoline Museums ,"Rome rewind 3D” (Rome past and present, an interesting experience also for children).You can have a wonderful view of Rome getting up to the Caffarelli Palace terrace also for a nice cup of coffee and to the Vittoriano. (duration: approximately from 3 to 6hours).

The Vatican

Vatican Museums (Chandeliers Gallery, Tapestries Room and Geographic Maps, Sistine Chapel), the Basilica and St. Peter’s Square.(duration: approximately 3 hours). Vatican Museums (Main Galleries, Raffaello Rooms, Sistine Chapel), The Basilica with the visit of the Dome and of the Caves (if open) and St. Peter’s Square. The German Cemetery, St. Angel Castle. (Approximately: 4/5 hours).

The Squares

Piazza del Popolo, Via del Babbuino, Spanish Steps, Colonna Square, Trevi Fountain Square. Pantheon, Navona Square, Campo dei Fiori Square. (duration about 2,30h)

Galleria Borghese

A wonderful museum rich in masterpieces in the frame of the splendid Villa Borghese (duration: about 2h.30 )

The Catacombs and the ancient Via Appia

The most ancient burial places of the first Christians. A path rich in symbols and testimonies of the past. (duration: about 2h.30)



Outskirts of Rome


The ruins of the majestic Villa Adriana, Villa d’ Este a testimony of Renaissance , with its games of water. The romantic gardens of Villa Gregorian . The tour can include all the three villas with a break still for lunch (duration: full day) or Villa Adriana only ( half day).

Castelli Romani

The Castelli Romani resist in tradition as one of the Roman’s most common destination trips outside Rome. Once a place of dark forests of oak and beech trees, the area is now a mosaic of bush and vineyards, houses and villages. A journey among archaeological finds, lavish holiday homes, streets full of local products shops and the typical “fraschette” where the local famous wines can be sipped. We visit Castel Gandolfo, picturesque village overlooking the lake and the summer residence of the Pope, Frascati, Albano and the enchanting Nemi. (duration: full day lunch break included)

Ostia Antica

In the shade of pine trees stand the ruins of Ostia Antica, the ancient port of Rome. You should visit this fascinating place with a guide: the excavations, the frescoes and mosaics will tell the story of trade, art, politics and also small daily habits. The visit includes cemeteries, stores and thermal baths, Roman, the thermopile, part of the imperial theater,imperial baths, the corporation’s square (duration about 3h.30)



We suggest the following itineraries: walking through art, experiencing local life, colors and taste

Via Papalis I, where time stands still

A fascinating journey from medieval monasteries, Bizantine churches, fountains and ancient Roman houses characterized by beautiful frescos, leads trough the ancient route of Papal processions. A neighbourhood in the shadow of the Coliseum but still untouched by mass tourism where time stands still, where the chaos of the city is far away and paths allow us to discover an underground city beneath the city. But even an itinerary full of flavour, including wine bars, bistros where you can taste the sweets of traditional Italian cuisine or enjoy an aperitif. Departure: from St. John Lateran, a visit to San Clemente,Four Saints, houses of Celio, Roman Forum, St. Peter in Chains and reaching the Capitol. (duration: about 3 hours)

Via Papalis II in the heart of Rome

A must-visit in the heart of the city, passing through the most beautiful squares, to find out hidden corners and ancient palaces. But also a journey through the flavours of traditional Italian restaurants and trattorias. We’ll show you where you can eat the best pizza or the famous “filetti di baccalà” (deep fried codfish), you will discover old-fashioned “latterie” and we will take you to have a nice glass of wine in a unique setting. We start from the Capitol, visit the famous Fountain of the Turtles, through Campo dè Fiori Square, Farnese Square, Palazzo Spada, Via dei Banchi Vecchi arriving at Saint Angel Castle. (duration: 3 hours).

Strolling around the Squares

We start from Via Giulia with a visit to San Giovanni dei Fiorentini and will continue with a walk to discover the beautiful doors and courtyards that characterize this ancient street. We will pass trhough Farnese Square to admire the frescoes of the French Ambassy (from the outside only), through Campo dei Fiori to discover one of the most unexpected corners of the city center and will then follow the street to Navona Square and the “Speaking statue of Pasquino.” A must stop at an old roasting of coffee to drink one of the best coffee of the capital and then off to the discovery of the Pantheon, of St. Luis of France and St . Augustine with their unique masterpieces such as Caravaggio paintings. After a visit at the Biblioteca Angelica, an enchanted timeless place, we reach Via dei Portoghesi with its famous tower of the monkey and its legends. We continue along Via dei Coronari, the street of antique shops but now also home of trendy shops, where you can taste one of the best ice creams in town or, if you like, have a brunch or an aperitif in our favourite bar. Duration: 3 hours.

Angels and Demons tour

We start our journey from Santa Maria del Popolo following the deeds of Robert Langdon, the protagonist of the famous Dan Brown's bestseller. Earth, air, fire and water are the signs of a mysterious path where the clues are enclosed in works art, churches, statues and fountains, following the path of the Illuminati. Via Veneto, the Crypt of the Capuchins, Santa Maria della Concezione, Santa Maria della Vittoria, the Pantheon, la Biblioteca Angelica, Piazza Navona, Castel Sant'Angelo, Piazza San Pietro... (duration: about 4 hours)

Among old shops and entertainment

Perhaps no area has remained unchanged over time as the Jewish Ghetto, a city within a city, where traditions are still strong. We start from Via del Portico d'Ottavia, an incredible setting where you can feel centuries of history. True Roman culinary traditions and kosher are still alive and you'll visit a historic bakery where you can taste the sweets (do not miss the ricotta tart and sour cherries). We go along the way to the Theater of Marcellus, past the Synagogue and cross the Tiber through the Tiber Island, advancing towards the less known area of Trastevere, where we visit the beautiful Santa Cecilia . We then proceed through Via S. Francesco a Ripa to cross Viale Trastevere. A break at “Frontoni” legendary for its stuffed pizza, is necessary. We continue to visit the area to the beautiful Santa Maria inTrastevere and then get lost in the chaos of the bustling crowded streets to Piazza Trilussa. Here, if you like, you can stay in a place famous for its Roman nightlife, and have either a cocktail or a snack. Then you go up to the last stop: the Janiculum, with other masterpieces and the most beautiful panorama of the city. Alternatively just plunge into the tranquility of the beautiful botanical garden. Duration: 3/4hours.

Celio, Aventino and Testaccio, up and down the hills

A journey in the medieval Rome starting from the Colosseum, to reach the church of Santo Stefano Rotondo, a look at the beautiful park of Villa Celimontana and then down tothe Celio, dotted with beautiful churches. A visit to the underground Roman houses with their frescoes is a must. We then go back to the Circus Maximus, the Aventine, through the rose garden, to see other famous churches, the garden of orange trees and a breathtaking view. Finally we get down to Testaccio, an area that has retained its own distinct authenticity. Here, if you are interested in buying local products of quality, we will give you the right address . A stop is worth at the nonCatholic cemetery, a small oasis of peace. We end our tour in Via di Monte Testaccio, Rome entertainment destination.(duration about 3 hours)

Monti, walking with the Borgia

You have to get to know Monti area just walking aimlessely. We start from Piazza Madonna dei Monti, then walk to Via dei Serpenti, Via Leonina, take the slope to the Borgias’ and pass under the building that belonged to this famous family. We then get to St. Peter in Chain and admire Michelangelo’s Moses. Let’s go back and start again to wander in Via Urbana, cutting-edge shopping destination, where we will show you some shops for vintage, punk and so on. Then we continue to Via degli Zingari, Via del Boschetto between wine bars, bakeries, chocolate shops and a bar that has one of the best cappuccino in Rome, taverns, schools of jazz, in short a very interesting and eclectic mosaic. (duration 2/3 hours)






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