An unforgettable stay in an apartment between art and good food

pacchetto-feel-at-homeCome and spend your vacation in Rome in one of our lovely apartments and make your  experience special. A tour off the beaten routes, a wine tasting, a cooking class with a chef to learn traditional recipes will be the unforgettable memories of a holiday out of the ordinary.


We propose you 3 solutions:


3 nights in apartment for 2 people + 2,30 hour guided tour to chose amongst out tours + wine tasting + local products: € 500


3 night stay for 2 people in apartment + 5 hour bike/walking tour to chose amongst our tours + wine tasting with food + memory photo: 565 €


4 night stay in apartment for 2 people + guided tour to chose amongst our tours + romantic dinner with chef in apartment + relaxing  massage at a wellness center we recommended + memory photo: € 875


All our proposal can be prsonalized according to your preferences.




Tel. +39-3355355432
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