For those who love cooking and tasting good food we propose 2 tasty choices: gourmet specials

pacchetto-gourmetIn Rome there are not only monuments and museums to visit but also good wines to sip and fabulous recipes to taste. All this can help you to find out more about the culture and customs of the place. Our chef will take you to the  local markets and reveal the secrets of the traditional recipes you can propose to your friends once back home. A romantic dinner, a wine tasting and  local products will make your holiday unique and "tasty".


Gourmet special 1

2 night stay in apartment for 2/4 people + welcome drink + mini cooking class including a walk at the local market to do food shopping for the dinner + dinner at the apartment with chef. € 360 for 2 people - € 560 for 4 people.

Gourmet special 2

3 nights in appartament for 2/4 people + welcome drink + dinner at a restaurant we chose +  wine tasting with local food. for 2 people € 560 – 950€ for 4 people.


All our proposal can be prsonalized according to your preferences.




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