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Rome is not just hotels, historical and artistic masterpieces.

Rome is also made of curiosity, hidden corners, fun and above all, people. This is the reason why we have thought about some proposals, sometimes unusual and often off the beaten tracks.. And this is why we propose you to stay in a B&B or in a private apartment, because it is the most genuine and direct way to experience the culture and the local customs.

We have personally selected all the accommodations you find in our website because we want to be sure that your stay is as enjoyable as possible and without surprises. All our proposals are for a limited number of participants because we believe that certain experiences should be exclusive and personalized.

Our team is able to monitor all aspects of your stay in Rome: from the transfer to and from the airport, to the welcoming to our accommodations, to our guided tours, to the reservations to avoid the queues, to the hiring of bicycles and moped. And many exclusive offers such as a romantic soirée, a chef who comes and prepares a delicious dinner for you in the apartment you have chosen to stay and much more.

For an unforgettable stay in the Eternal City, contact us!!




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