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- Roman Experience: Roman Experience property of Francesca Puglia e Federica Marraffa snc– Publishes the website www.roman-experience.com for booking holiday homes in Rome and other services to tourists.
- Advertisers: owners or managers of holiday homes that publish their own structures on the website www.roman-experience.com.
- Customers: all those who book accommodations in Rome through the website www.roman-experience.com.
The on-line ads publishing and booking service via the website www.roman-experience.com (hereinafter referred as Service) is governed by these Terms, which are accepted by you with the use of the Service.

Roman Experience does not act as an intermediary between the owner-advertiser and the customer, but only as an ad-publishing site. The insertion of a promotional assumes acceptance of the terms and conditions herein.

Roman Experience may revise unilaterally, at any time, these terms and conditions through notices published online on the website www.roman-experience.com. Roman Experience will show advertisers and customers every change through messages on the home page of the site www.roman-experience.com, so that they can be perceived first to access the site. The subsequent use of the Service by advertisers and customers constitute acceptance of these General Conditions including changes and/or updates.

The use of the Service shall be borne by advertisers and customers under their full responsibility. Roman Experience provides the highest commitment that no abnormalities occur, but makes no warranties about the accuracy and reliability of the information contained on www.roman-experience.com, and doesn’t offer any guarantee about the results obtained through the Service and the successful outcome of negotiations from it. The advertiser himself, posting his promotional ad on www.roman-experience.com, assume full and total responsibility for its content.

Roman Experience has the right, for reasons of force majeure, to modify, suspend or discontinue all or part of the Service without notice.

The relationship between Roman Experience and users (advertisers and customers) are governed by Italian law, under which even these General Conditions shall be interpreted.

Except as provided by laws, the Court of Rome will have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute regarding these Terms and relations ruled by them.

Terms, conditions and obligations for advertisers

To place an ad, the advertiser will have to complete the appropriate forms available in the Owners Area of the website www.roman-experience.com. The ad will have to be accompanied by photographs and a description of the accommodation in Italian and English. The advertiser is responsible for the content (text and photos) of ads running on www.roman-experience.com. The minimum stay offered for each apartment found on www.roman-experience.com is at the discretion of the advertiser and is indicated on the site.
By placing the ad, the advertiser declares to be the owner or the exclusive manager of the apartment, and as such is committed and is obliged to respect the responsibilities arising from the booking conditions and accept the terms of use listed below.
1) The apartment must be presented clean and in good conditions.
2) The ad is not automatic but is subject to acceptance by Roman Experience.
3) The publication of the ad is free and involves no obligation of exclusivity with Roman Experience.
4) When a reservation is made, the owner- advertiser automatically receives an email from Roman Experience displaying the details of the reservation. The owner-advertiser receives the net amount due to him, indicated on the reservation email www.roman-experience.com at the item "net price to the owner", directly by the customer at the check-in.
5) The charge levied by Roman Experience is 13% including VAT. The amount of Roman Experience’s commission is indicated on the reservation at the item "agency fees".
6) The advertiser arranges the check-in and welcomes the customer independently, unless otherwise agreed. The advertiser will contact the customer to agree the time of arrival.
7) When checking in, the owner hands over the keys to the customer, upon payment of the amount due for the entire stay.
8) If during your stay the apartment has flaws that make it particularly difficult or even impossible for the customer to stay, the advertiser will agree to do everything possible to solve the problem. If the problem is not resolved within 24 hours, the customer can decide to leave the apartment. Any remaining booked time the customer has been unable to stay must be reimbursed by the advertiser who would also have to pay a penalty equal to the cost of transportation of the customer to another structure. Roman Experience will be responsible for reporting any other available accommodation. If, despite the problem, the customer decides to continue to stay in the apartment, the advertiser will refund him. Such reimbursement will be between 30% and 50% of the amount received by the advertiser for the entire stay. The extent of the refund will be based on an assessment of the inconvenience suffered by the host will be established by Roman Experience. If the damage is caused by events not under the control of the advertiser, so that he has no responsibility, nor is its ability to solve the problem, no discount will be charged, no refund will be due. Roman Experience in any case shall not be liable for any malfunctions, depending or not by advertiser responsibility.
9) The advertiser is responsible for constantly updating the availability calendar of his apartment on the site www.roman-experience.com. If the missed update causes a damage to a customer or to Roman Experience, Roman Experience will ask the advertiser to pay a penalty equal to the deposit paid by the customer at the moment of reservation, or to an amount equal to the 'agency fees'.
10) The advertiser may cancel the booking at any time, but unless the cancellation is made within 48 hours from booking, must pay a penalty. If the cancellation occurs more than 15 days from customer arrival, the penalty will be equal to the deposit paid by the customer at the moment of the reservation, or to an amount equal to the 'agency fees'. If the cancellation occurs 15 days or less than 15 days from customer arrival, the penalty will be equal to 30% of the agreed amount for the entire stay (including agency fees).
11) The advertiser will keep his apartment clean and ready for customers arrival. The apartment will be furnished as per description given on the web site, will be complete with bed linen and towels, must have a full kitchen with pots, dishes and whatever else is necessary. Furniture and accessories described on the site cannot be changed without prior notice to Roman Experience. The customer who does not find items or services included in the description, will be entitled to a refund, on a scale that ranges from 10% to 30% of the agreed amount for the stay. The percentage will be established by Roman Experience, based on the importance of the missing object or service.
12) During the stay of the customer, the advertiser can’t access the apartment, except for urgent and extraordinary matters, or by agreement with the customer.
13) By publishing his holiday home on www.roman-experience.com, the advertiser implicitly declares that it has all the authorizations necessary for the work, and that his activity is registered in the APT of Rome. The holiday home will also be covered by insurance.
14) The advertiser also undertakes not to use the Service for the publication, transmission, exchange of illegal material, vulgar, obscene, libelous, defamatory or that encourages criminal activity. In addition, the advertiser agrees not to use the Service in a manner that will infringe intellectual or industrial property rights of Roman Experience or of third parties.
15) The advertiser is obliged, for the content of the ads and the goods/services offered in the ads themselves, to comply with all provisions of law.
16) If the advertiser fails to comply with one of the obligations described above, or if the advertiser's conduct did not conform to the rules of the Service, Roman Experience reserves the right to suspend and/or discontinue the Service.
17) The advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Roman Experience and any of its employees or agents, from any claim or dispute, including any costs or expenses, including legal fees, brought by any third party regarding the use Service by the advertiser, advertiser’s violation of these Terms, advertiser’s violation of any intellectual property or other right of any person or entity.

Terms, Conditions and obligations to customers

The customer who books a holiday home on www.roman-experience.com undertakes and is obliged, by the very fact of using the service, to comply with the responsibilities arising from the booking conditions and accept the terms of use listed below.
1) The deposit (12.5% of total plus VAT) is a necessary condition to confirm the reservation and is non-refundable unless otherwise expressly included in the General Conditions.
2) The deposit can be paid by credit card VISA, Master Card or through the circuit Paypal.
3) Upon arrival, to access the apartment and to hand over the keys, the customer must pay the balance in cash, as marked by the Roman Experience voucher sent to the customer.
4) In case of cancellation by the customer within 48 hours by the reservation, the customer will receive a refund of the entire deposit paid to Roman Experience by credit card. After 48 hours by the reservation, the deposit will no longer be returned. In case of cancellation by the customer, less than 15 or 15 days before arrival, in addition to losing the deposit already paid, the customer will be charged of a penalty equal to the first night of stay booked. In case of no communications by the customer, and no arrival at the booked accommodation (no show), in addition to losing the deposit already paid, the customer will be charged of a penalty equal to 50% of the amount due for the entire stay. 5) If the customer leaves the apartment before the end of the stay, without a valid reason related to the state of the accommodation reserved, they lose the right to any refund request.
6) Check-in and check-out, with its delivery and return of keys, are made by appointment with the advertiser. Roman Experience will provide the customer with advertisers contacts and viceversa.
7) Check-in usually takes place after 15.00. On customer request, however, it can be arranged before this scheduled time, according to the availability of the advertiser. In case of a check-in after 21.00, the advertiser may require a surcharge of 25 euros for the evening reception service. In the case of check-in after 23.00, the advertiser may require a surcharge of 40 euros for the night reception service.
8) In case of delay at the appointment set for the reception, the customer must inform the advertiser. If the customer arrives in late at the appointment without notifying the advertiser, the check-in could be further delayed depending on the availability of the advertiser.
9) Check-Out, i.e. the date for the return of the keys to the advertiser and the control of the state of the structure, is normally scheduled for 10.00 am, unless otherwise agreed between customer and advertiser. The accommodation must be left free from all personal belongings and luggages.
10) If the structure or any of its contents (furniture, appliances, etc..) has been damaged during customers stay, the customer must compensate the owner for the damage suffered.
11) The advertiser may require a deposit to cover possible damages to the structure or furnishings. This deposit, the amount of which is presented in the site, is returned upon check-out, provided that there is no damage to the structure. In case of damage, the advertiser may withhold the entire deposit or part of it, depending on the damage assessment. If the damage exceed the amount of the deposit, the customer must pay the difference to the owner.
12) The number of guests staying in the structure shall not exceed what is indicated in theRoman Experience voucher sent to the customer and the advertiser.
13) The customer is responsible for the keys received on arrival. If keys are lost, the customer must pay for the rebuilding of the keys or, if it should prove necessary, for the replacement of the lock.
14) Roman Experience is not responsible for damages or accidents in which the customer or the advertiser could incur.


This Agreement is governed by the laws of the Italian Republic. For any controversy involving or deriving from this Agreement or its performance the exclusive jurisdiction shall be of Court of Rome.

The FAQ section published on www.roman-experience.com is integral part of the Conditions of use contained herein.


The services advertised on the site of Roman Experience is provided by other companies or freelancers. It’s always necessary to confirm the reservation of each service to Roman Experience. You can cancel the service until 24 hours in advance. In case of no-show, you will be required to pay the full cost of service.





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